Thursday, April 2, 2015

Last Straw : Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has motivated me to start blogging

Hi Friends,

I have been reading several tech blogs for years now. Found most of them informative and some inspirational as well. However none was as poking as couple of recent blogs Should India have licensing of Internet services? Net Neutrality? TRAI wants your views and TRAI’s OTT Consultation Paper Will Redefine Digital India (And Net Neutrality). Have Your Say were that i decided to start my own blog.

Having worked in Mobile Internet, MVAS and Internet space for close to 9 years and seen the changes neutral internet has brought in the industry, i think we are at such a crucial stage that few big telecom players with selfish interest may take billions of users for a long bumpy ride the way they had done in past for several years with high tariffs and interconnect charges, bad quality etc.

I know there are already several tens and hundreds of thousands of people, experts and well wishers talking in favour of net neutrality and a lot is already said. But i think we still need more and more people to talk about it, put different perspective especially from consumer's angle. And i believe i have some thoughts, which i would like to discuss with my fellow internet users in a series of blogs in coming days.

I am also preparing to reply to TRAI on their consultation paper.

So keep reading

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